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The Recycling Industry is not Dead

Posted by Miki Salamon on Jul 19, 2019 12:05:25 PM

Recycling is far from dead and in Colorado it's alive and thriving!

Each year, millions of Americans take their plastic, glass, and cardboard items and toss them into their local recycling bin in hopes that these materials will one day be reused and turned into something new. While recycling has commonly been seen as a “quick fix” solution to waste, there has recently been talk on whether recycling is still a viable solution for the masses.

Originally becoming well known and popular in the environmental movement of the 1970’s, recycling has been the go-to solution to dealing with waste and material use. However, with the steady increase in the human population, there has also been an increase in the amount of waste being generated. This boost of consumption, especially for products such as plastic, paired alongside China announcing that they will no longer accept mixed plastic and mixed paper from Western countries has no doubt generated some worry and fear among people about the future of recycling. 

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Walking Mountains Increases Reach of Zero Waste Events

Posted by Kimberly Schlaepfer on Jul 19, 2019 11:01:59 AM

Expanding Zero Waste one Tent at a Time

Walking Mountains Sustainability was the recipient of a Recycling, Resource and Economic Opportunity Grant from the State of Colorado. This grant allowed us to purchase 10 new zero hero tents and 30 trash, compost, and recycle bins! In the past, Walking Mountains Science Center was only able to provide zero waste services for local towns who had their own infrastructure for compost, recycle, and trash. For many years we have been asked by various local community groups to borrow zero waste stations for their events and unfortunately we would have to say no. Now we are able to provide this opportunity by having our own infrastructure. We are also able to provide zero waste services to events within town’s that do not currently have zero waste stations!

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Pay as you Throw Gets a Boost in Vail

Posted by Beth Markham on Jul 19, 2019 9:59:05 AM

Town of Vail Wins State Grant to Fund New (Small) Trash Bins

Through a Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity (RREO) mini-grant from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment the Town of Vail received twenty wildlife resistant, 32-gallon trash carts that Town of Vail residents were eligible for in order to reduce the amount of trash produced and take advantage of the financial savings through the “Pay As You Throw” ordinance.

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Bring Nature Back into Your Landscape

Posted by Mercedes Quesada-Embid on Mar 26, 2019 11:40:36 AM

Towards a Resilient, Non-Silent Spring

Although it is hard to believe, soon the snow will be melting and the spring and summer seasons will be upon us here in the Eagle Valley. Grasses will be visible again and many of us will be thinking about how best to approach the beautification of our local landscapes. This article will ask you to consider a few exciting opportunities that can align your spring and summer landscaping activities with sustainability efforts. By doing this, your individual impacts will join with those of others and, collectively, we’ll get closer to reaching the goals embedded in the Climate Action Collaborative; to reduce carbon pollution in the Eagle Valley 25% by 2025 and 80% by 2050. Whether fruit and vegetable gardening, managing your landscaping business, planting wildflowers, or figuring out how to be frugal with your water usage during the hot days to come, this article can get you started.

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What to Tackle First, Solar or Energy Efficiency?

Posted by Tom Boyd on Mar 26, 2019 11:31:21 AM

In home-energy improvement aim big, but start small

Like a lot of people reading this I was curious about installing solar power on my roof. Would I save money on my energy bill or would it cost me an arm and a leg? Are there rebates or subsidies out there? Should I lease or buy and, ultimately, is my house in a good spot for solar?

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Buying Raspberries in the Middle of Winter

Posted by Emma Sloan on Mar 26, 2019 11:19:07 AM

How eating local and seasonal produce can improve your diet, build community, and reduce your carbon footprint

We are all accustomed to the stands of berries positioned at the entrance of the produce section at our local City Market. It feels like a luxury to pick up a few cases for our morning smoothie, or afternoon snack—they’re only two for $5, after all. In selecting a case to purchase, its commonplace to check the contents thoroughly to ensure the delicious snack isn’t too ripe for eating; considering these berries have traveled quite a distance to reach the Colorado in mid-February.

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Smart Ways to Stop Idling Your Car

Posted by Saphira Klearman & Mikayla Curtis on Mar 26, 2019 11:09:50 AM

It's your turn, to turn it off. 

As temperatures continue to drop below freezing it’s pretty easy and convenient to let your vehicle idle until it warms up. Simply defined, idling is when a vehicle remains running without actually being in motion. Many of us in certain generations were taught, in fact, that when it’s cold it’s safer to let your car idle before driving it to ensure the engine was adequately “warm.” We’ve all done it, it’s easy to do, but if you’re going to be waiting more than 10 seconds, you can make a big difference by turning off your car.

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Beyond Food Rescue

Posted by Kimberly Schlaepfer on Dec 14, 2018 3:07:58 PM

Eagle River Valley Food Bank Takes on Community Food Insecurity, and Food Waste

Food waste is one of the biggest problems plaguing our developed world. In fact, if the food waste in the US was its own country it would be the third largest country in the world in terms of emissions. All the emissions from our landfill come from food waste and other organic material that ends up in the landfill, meaning our primary means of addressing landfill emissions locally, is through diverting food waste! The Eagle River Valley Food Bank is leading the charge in reducing food waste in our community and while also supporting equity, sustainability, and healthy communities. The goal of the Eagle River Valley Food Bank is “Healthy People, Strong Communities, Environmental Sustainability” and everything they do falls around these three concepts. I sat down with Brian and Rita to learn more about what the Food Bank is doing for our community!

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I'm Dreaming of a "Green" Christmas

Posted by Elizabeth Esche on Dec 5, 2018 2:35:17 PM

Keeping it Green this Holiday Season

For the environmentally conscious holiday shopper, staying green in aisles of plastic trinkets, decorations, and fake trees isn’t always easy. When trying to reduce waste, buyers can often be drawn into plastic trees, reusable bows and low-energy lights. But replacing every holiday decoration with a greener version may backfire by creating additional waste when your old products are tossed to the street! So, what old holiday traditions should be tossed out in favor of newer, greener products? We discuss three common dilemmas below.

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The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District Goes Solar!

Posted by Kimberly Schlaepfer on Nov 8, 2018 1:15:43 PM

Eagle Fire District Installs Solar PV on Roof

A new solar array on the roof of Greater Eagle Fire Protection District is projected to generate 57% of annual energy use

The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District recently turned on a 26.1 kW Solar PV system on their roof. The PV system is expected to generate 57% of the annual energy use of the Fire Station. We visited with the fire Chief Doug Cupp, and Board Member Eric Peterson to learn more about the system!

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