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The Recycling Industry is not Dead

Recycling is far from dead and in Colorado it's alive and thriving!

Each year, millions of Americans take their plastic, glass, and cardboard items and toss them into their local recycling bin in ...


Walking Mountains Increases Reach of Zero Waste Events

Expanding Zero Waste one Tent at a Time

Walking Mountains Sustainability was the recipient of a Recycling, Resource and Economic Opportunity Grant from the State of Colorado. This grant allowed us ...


Pay as you Throw Gets a Boost in Vail

Town of Vail Wins State Grant to Fund New (Small) Trash Bins

Through a Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity (RREO) mini-grant from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment the Town ...


Bring Nature Back into Your Landscape

Towards a Resilient, Non-Silent Spring

Although it is hard to believe, soon the snow will be melting and the spring and summer seasons will be upon us here in the Eagle Valley. Grasses will be ...


What to Tackle First, Solar or Energy Efficiency?

In home-energy improvement aim big, but start small

Like a lot of people reading this I was curious about installing solar power on my roof. Would I save money on my energy bill or would it cost ...


Buying Raspberries in the Middle of Winter

How eating local and seasonal produce can improve your diet, build community, and reduce your carbon footprint

We are all accustomed to the stands of berries positioned at the entrance of the ...


Smart Ways to Stop Idling Your Car

It's your turn, to turn it off. 

As temperatures continue to drop below freezing it’s pretty easy and convenient to let your vehicle idle until it warms up. Simply defined, idling is when a ...


Beyond Food Rescue

Eagle River Valley Food Bank Takes on Community Food Insecurity, and Food Waste

Food waste is one of the biggest problems plaguing our developed world. In fact, if the food waste in the US was its ...


I'm Dreaming of a "Green" Christmas

Keeping it Green this Holiday Season

For the environmentally conscious holiday shopper, staying green in aisles of plastic trinkets, decorations, and fake trees isn’t always easy. When trying to ...


The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District Goes Solar!

Eagle Fire District Installs Solar PV on Roof

A new solar array on the roof of Greater Eagle Fire Protection District is projected to generate 57% of annual energy use

The Greater Eagle Fire ...

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