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Plastic Free July

How to Have a Plastic Free July

Did you know that there is a campaign that helps millions of people around the globe reduce plastic pollution? Plastic Free July is a campaign led by the Plastic ... Details

How to Become a More Conscious Traveler

How to become a more conscious traveler

Did you know that even when single-use plastics are sent to landfills that they aren’t harmless landfill liners can leak harmful pollutants into the ... Details

Sole Power: The Best Way to Get to Work

How to get the most out of biking to work or events


Think Local First: How Shopping Relates to Sustainability

Why does is it matter where I shop?

  • Fact: Did you know that only about 33.6% of the revenue from national chains is reinvested into the community, while approximately 64.8% of the revenue from ...


The Bookworm of Edwards - Purchasing for the Planet

The Bookworm of Edwards is a local book and coffee shop providing a wonderful and inviting atmosphere to eat, meet, and read all while enjoying delicious snacks and beverages. But not only is this ...