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Recycling Education Campaign - Summer 2019

Introducing the Official Eagle County Recycling Guide

The Climate Action Collaborative is launching our first Bi-Annual Recycling Education Blitz for the Eagle County Community. We are spelling ...

Plastics: A Solution and a Curse

“There is no such thing as ‘away.’ When we throw something away it must go somewhere.” -Annie Leonard

Plastics, or more scientifically understood as “polymers,” truly have an interesting ...


The Recycling Industry is not Dead

Recycling is far from dead and in Colorado it's alive and thriving!

Each year, millions of Americans take their plastic, glass, and cardboard items and toss them into their local recycling bin in ...


The Environmental Implications of Recycling and Why it Matters

Recycling reduces resource constraints, saves emissions, and prevents pollution

Many people already connect the impact recycling efforts have on reducing environmental impact and landfill waste, ...


What do the "Recycling Numbers" Actually Mean?

Chasing arrows does not always mean recycle-ability

When tossing something out, many of us are in the habit of looking for the chasing arrows or “recycling symbol” at the bottom which contains a ...


Recycling: A commodities market

What we can recycle, relies wholly on the manufacturers who are willing to buy and reuse them

After the expansion of US recycling programs in the 1970’s, recycling was something many people either ...


Recycling Isn't Just About Trash, It's About Energy

Recycling Isn’t Just About Trash, it’s About Energy

It’s the right thing to do and is a critical part of meeting Eagle County’s emissions goals.



How to Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste

Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste in Eagle County

* All household hazardous waste can be brought to the HHW Facility located two miles north of Wolcott (Exit #157),off Highway 131, at the ...