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Curious Nature

Spring Scavenger Hunts to Awaken Your Senses!

Posted by Christina Nourmiev on May 2, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Spring awakens the natural world with its warm sunshine, heating up the ground and trees, enticing buds to form and for nature to start growing again. Spring is a wonderful time to get outside and try to spot the signs of nature waking up from winter. One fun way to help children, and kids at heart, become more aware of the signs of spring is a scavenger hunt! This is a great way for kids to connect with nature and become more comfortable being outdoors!Mixed-race-kids-are-playing-outside-600x400
There are many different types of scavenger hunts, but all of them should help you notice things you might have not before. Something to keep in mind is to leave natural things, no matter how beautiful they are, where you found them. Different kinds of animals, from insects to bears, are now starting to forage and we want to leave as much of their precious food sources and habitats as untouched as possible. It also leaves these natural treasures for others to enjoy! A great way to capture that special item is by snapping a photo of it with your phone. Here are some tips on what to search for to make your springtime walks even more enjoyable.

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Scavenger Hunt Ideas: 

Four senses scavenger hunt: 

  • Can you spot these? 
    • plant buds
    • flying birds
    • ants and/or other insects 
    • flowers 
    • a very green leaf
  • Can you hear these sounds? 
    • birds
    • running water
    • rustling leaves
    • bees and other insects buzzing 
      What is That? Ask a Naturalist!
  • Can you find something that’s: 
    • fuzzy 
    • rough
    • smooth
  • Can you smell something that’s: 
    • sweet
    • fresh
    • sour
    • comforting

Colors of nature:

How many different colors of the rainbow can you find outside? Use the colors of the rainbow as inspiration!Two-funny-kids-playing-together-in-spring-forest-600x400

Backyard scavenger hunt: 

Most backyards have a lot more nature than you’d think. From different textures to sounds to scents, your backyard offers a safe space to enjoy and observe nature at work. You can create your own list of ideas and challenge friends and family to get to know your backyard in new ways! 

Christina Nourmiev is a Naturalist with Walking Mountains Science Center. She is very excited to see the natural world come alive once more this spring, teeming with wildflowers and wildlife.

Topics: Curious Nature

Christina Nourmiev

Written by Christina Nourmiev