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How to Make Solar Oven S'mores

Posted by Walking Mountains on Jun 18, 2012 3:11:10 PM
Walking Mountains

Get out there and put some of these super CO rays to use with a fireless (yet delicious) version of s'mores.  Let the energy of the sun cook your food - this solar oven will heat to about 200 degrees on a sunny day.  The end product is super delicious!

Solar Oven S'mores


  • Recycled pizza box
  • Recycled newspaper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Clear plastic wrap
  • Scissors/box cutter
  • Empty paper towel roll
  • Tape
  • S'mores/Snack ingredients


  1. On the lid of the pizza box, cut out 3 sides of a square (leaving the back side of the square attached to the box).
  2. Keep the flap open. Wrap a sheet of aluminum foil on the underside, keeping it as wrinkle free as possible. Tape down if needed.
  3. In the new opening, tightly tape down a piece of clear plastic wrap so that no air can escape or get in the oven.
  4. Open the box and do the same on the other side (should now be double layered with plastic wrap to trap in warm air).
  5. Inside, lay a layer of aluminum foil along the bottom of the box.
  6. Roll up recycled newspaper and line the insides of the box for insulation, making sure that you can still close the box around it. Tape down if necessary.
  7. Put yummy treats inside the box! When making s’mores, put the bottom graham cracker and marshmellow down first. For chocolate, a Hershey Kiss is best (inside the marshmellow) so that it doesn’t melt all over the box. It’s good to tape the box closed once food is inside so that air cannot escape.
  8. Prop the aluminum foil flap up with paper towel roll.
  9. Cook for appropriate time, put on the top graham cracker and enjoy!

Thanks to new summer naturalist Janelle DeSanto for the s'mores recipe and photos!

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