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Early Childhood Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Walking Mountains Science Center on May 4, 2020 10:00:00 AM
Walking Mountains Science Center

At Walking Mountains, we love scavenger hunts! They are a fun way for preschool aged children to move around, discover something new and learn along the way. Here are two fantastic scavenger hunts to do around your home.

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Scavenger Hunt: Nature in Your Home

You don’t always need to go outside to find nature all around you.    Many of the items in your home come from natural sources. Just look around! You may see furniture made from trees or honey from bees. Can you find of any other items made from nature?

Directions: See if you can find items around your home that come from nature in each of the above categories. Some items may be able to fit in more than one box!

Nature Scavenger Hunt image

How many items in your home did you find that come from natural sources? Were any categories difficult to find?

Did it surprise you how many items in your home came from nature? Maybe you already knew that paper comes from trees, but did you know salad dressing does too? Check out this video to see how many things you use every day actually come from trees!


Since so much of what we use in our homes comes from nature, it is very important we look after our environment. Reusing materials is a great way to keep items in your home, instead of throwing them away.


Check out this link for some great recycled craft ideas:


Bonus Challenge!

         Choose one item you found on your scavenger hunt, and draw its journey from nature to your home.

Scavenger Hunt: Signs of Spring

Do you know what season we are in? Here in Colorado sometimes it can be hard to tell.

That’s right we are in Spring. The time of year when the days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, the birds are singing, and the flowers and trees are starting to bloom.

What is the weather like in Spring? How is it different than winter? What is your favorite part of spring? What is your favorite season?

We can see signs of spring everywhere we look outside. Please use the Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt Card as a guide to spy spring while in your yard or on a walk in your own neighborhood. Caregivers, please go over the items in the list and how each one relates to spring. Guide child to find the following items by asking questions and giving hints. Take the time to listen for birds singing!

Signs of Spring hunt


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