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Staff Spotlight: Hannah Rumble

Posted by Walking Mountains Science Center on Nov 1, 2019 10:00:00 AM
Walking Mountains Science Center

Meet our staff! Walking Mountains staff is full of brilliant, interesting and funny individuals. We want the community that might not have a chance to work with them or participate in their program to get to know our staff. Trust us-- our staff makes all the difference! Join us Fridays for a new blog post. Click the tag at the bottom for more spotlights!


Staff Spotlight: Hannah Rumble
- What is your position at Walking Mountains? What is your primary responsibility?
I am the Community Programs Director. In the CP Department, we do a little bit of everything, from nature walks, preschool programs, backcountry hikes, workshops and community events to interpretive exhibits at the three nature centers we manage. I oversee a talented staff of naturalists and  "nature nerds" who find ways to keep our community members and visitors to Eagle County engaged with our mission and help them keep learning about our amazing Rocky Mountain environment.  I see myself as the keeper of the overall vision of the department while dealing with all the minutiae of the daily offerings we host.
- How long have you been at Walking Mountains?
I was a Naturalist intern at Walking Mountains while I was an undergrad at the University of Michigan in 2006. I came back to work here full time in 2013, so I am about to have my 6th work anniversary.

- How long have you lived in Eagle County? Where did you live before?
I moved to Eagle County from southeast Michigan as soon as I graduated from college in 2008. I met my future husband when I was an intern, so I had many reasons to come back after my internship!

- What inspires you, in regards to your job?
I am in awe of the Rocky Mountains every single day, and I want to share all of the reasons why I love them with our community. I am really inspired by my coworkers and their passion for the many different (and awesome) things they do. I get to be creative and problem-solve every day, so I get to be part of an active learning culture that keeps me really engaged with my work.
- Do you have a favorite program or event that Walking Mountain hosts?
While I am clearly partial to all the programs in Community Programs, I really love our monthly Science Behind program. It is different every month, and we get to meet really interesting people in our community who have so much knowledge about the topics they teach. For the people who attend the programs, it might not be a topic that they were super interested in before, but the science and the interactive elements of each program always pulls people in.

- Where else in the community do you work or volunteer?

I am involved with Can Do MS because I live with multiple sclerosis. I was so lucky to have this amazing resource right down the street from me when I was diagnosed, and I think that everyone suffering from this disease should have access to their programs.  For several years now, Walking Mountains has had a fundraising team for their Ski for MS day at Vail and it's really fun! I also do a lot of voter registration.

- Whats your favorite way to spend time in the outdoors?
I like birding and rafting. Combining the two while floating through a beautiful canyon would be a perfect day for me.

- What is your favorite food?
I've got to say that as a vegan, people often assume that my diet is limited, but I consider myself a foodie. I have been vegan now for 18 years and I love the food that I eat! It's hard to pick a favorite but I'm not sure I could live without homemade spaghetti.

- What is your favorite animal?
Local: beavers. Worldwide: elephants. I think I find stoutly-built animals the cutest.

- What is your favorite science or nature fact?
I know so much (some would say way too much) about beavers from leading many Beaver Pond Tours from the Vail Nature Center over the years. Did you know that beavers have a matriarchal society, meaning that the females are pretty much in charge of the family?

- What is a fun or interesting fact about yourself?
I have been completely obsessed with the Beatles since I was 9 years old. I am serious. I try to contain my obsession now but I will accept any memorabilia you might want to clear from your attic.

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