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Located at the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola on Vail Mountain out of Lionshead Village, Vail. All visitors must have a pass to ride the gondola. Free and open to the public with valid gondola pass.
Nestled along Gore Creek near the Betty Ford Alpine Garden and Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail Village.
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Staff Spotlight: Landyn Mills

Posted by Walking Mountains Science Center on Oct 25, 2019 10:00:00 AM
Walking Mountains Science Center

Meet our staff! Walking Mountains staff is full of brilliant, interesting and funny individuals. We want the community that might not have a chance to work with them or participate in their program to get to know our staff. Trust us-- our staff makes all the difference! Join us Fridays for a new blog post. Click the tag at the bottom for more spotlights!


Staff Spotlight: Landyn Mills
- What is your position at Walking Mountains? What is your primary responsibility?
I am the Grants Associate where I assist in the management and execution of our grants strategy; researching funding opportunities, contact funders, draft grant proposals, and manage awarded grants. In this role, I am a member of the development team working with them to achieve our fundraising goals and collaborating with our program teams to support their funding needs.
- How long have you been at Walking Mountains?
I am still relatively new at Walking Mountains. I started in June and coming up on four months.
- How long have you lived in Eagle County? Where did you live before?
I am also pretty new to Eagle County. About a year ago I moved to Colorado from Wisconsin in Glenwood Springs, but then when I was offered a job at Walking Mountains I was excited to relocate once again in Eagle County. For the first few months I commuted from Glenwood Springs and only finally moved to Edwards last weekend.
- What inspires you, in regards to your job?
Every day I am inspired by the passion and drive of my co-workers. Walking Mountains is special because of the staff that makes up the organization. I love being a part of a team that shares my passion for making a real difference in building a better future for our society. From the values of stewardship we instill in the young to the sustainable behaviors we promote, I am inspired by the different ways Walking Mountains makes an impact on our community.
- Do you have a favorite program or event that Walking Mountain hosts?
My background before Walking Mountains is in Sustainability and my big draw to Walking Mountains was our Sustainability Programs, so I would have to say one of my favorite programs is Zero Waste. And trust me, that decision to choose a favorite program was tough since I love so many of our programs. For me Zero Waste is such a unique program that allows us to directly engage our community managing an event’s waste and show/teach people about how to properly dispose of waste. It gives us a unique opportunity to engage with a wide range of community members and not only make a direct impact on sustainability, but promote behavior change.
- Where else in the community do you work or volunteer?

As a recently new resident of Eagle County, I am still discovering ways and different organizations to be involved in. A few weekends ago I volunteered for Can Do MS at an event and look forward to find more ways to support the thriving nonprofit sector in our community.

- Whats your favorite way to spend time in the outdoors?

I love to be in the outdoors in any way possible and love trying new activities, which is why I love living in Colorado. I would have to say though my two favorite outdoor activities are birding and trail running.

- What is your favorite food?

I love all food and always hate answering this question because I don’t want a food group to get jealous that I didn’t name them even though I love them. But the food I almost always have a craving for is Pizza and Chinese food, so they are always my go-to. 

- What is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is a polar bear but have different favorites depending on the type of wildlife. My favorite local wildlife that I always love to spot and could watch them for days is Elk.

- What is your favorite science or nature fact? 

I love constantly learning about science and nature. The fact that I recently learned that amazes me and makes me love Aspens more than any other tree is that a stand of Aspens is a single organism connected by an underground root system. So freaking cool!

- What is a fun or interesting fact about yourself?

Last year, I lived in Costa Rica for nearly a year studying natural resource management and Sustainable Development. In that time, I traveled across Central America and I truly love the cultures of Latin America.

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