How to Become a More Conscious Traveler


How to become a more conscious traveler

Did you know that even when single-use plastics are sent to landfills that they aren’t harmless landfill liners can leak harmful pollutants into the watershed and plastics on the tops of landfills can be carried away by the wind? Summer trips are here! Staying waste-free can be more challenging when traveling. From fast food pit-stops to airplane snacks, convenience packaging is king and recycling bins may be few in some communities. The best way to curb single-use plastic pollution is to reduce your personal plastic consumption. 


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Here are three tips to help you become a zero waste traveler. 

  1. Pack a Zero Waste kit.
    The idea is to stop waste before it starts by carrying your own refillable drink bottles, washable utensils, cloth napkins and reusable containers for on-the-go food.
  2. Pack your own snacks for travel.
    Just say no to single-use packaging because you have a jar packed with your favorite snack from home (and the empty jar can then serve as a glass!) No room for a jar? Cloth snack bags are convenient for toting in purses and carry-ons when space is a premium.  
  3. Speak up at restaurants to keep disposables at bay.
    Restaurant stops can inadvertently end in a flurry of single-use plastic waste. Tell the server first thing if you don’t want extra napkins, straws or plastic utensils added to your order and don’t be shy about (politely) reiterating as your food arrives--habits are hard to break! 




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