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Posted by Walking Mountains Sustainability on Aug 5, 2019 9:30:00 AM
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Introducing the Official Eagle County Recycling Guide

The Climate Action Collaborative is launching our first Bi-Annual Recycling Education Blitz for the Eagle County Community. We are spelling out in perfect clarity (with pictures included) what can ALWAYS go in your recycle bin and what can NEVER EVER go in your recycle bin. We’ll also include some info on those sneaky things that can sometimes maybe be recycled if you’re wearing a blue shirt, it’s a Tuesday, and it’s not raining (JK I promise it doesn’t get that complex). And we'll let you know every 6 months if there have been any changes to the rules, so you can keep on top of your recycling game! 
View and Download the Guide to Print Below
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Eager for more?
We've written a suite of articles that address the most common questions about recycling.
  1. What do the "Plastic Numbers" actually mean?
  2. The recycling industry IS NOT dead
  3. Why are the rules always changing? Recycling is a commodities market
  4. The plastic problem
  5. The real environmental benefit of recycling
  6. Recycling does't just reduce waste, it saves energy!
In the interim between updates, the Eagle County Waste Wizard app is a perfect tool to answer all the questions you have on recycling. Find the answers to all your specific recycling questions at any time and have access to Walking Mountains recycling resources at the tip of your fingers! 
Download the app, check out our Recycling Update, and start recycling right!

Download the Eagle County Waste Wizard Recycling App!

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