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Save the Earth and your Relationship by Going Sustainable

Posted by Walking Mountains Sustainability on Feb 9, 2021 10:45:00 AM
Walking Mountains Sustainability


Picture this: you’re on a date. It’s early on – maybe the second or third date – but you really like this person, they make you laugh, dazzle you with their smile, their hair has that messy but tamed look that makes you swoon. You finish the bottle of wine and get up to put it in the recycling bin and then – tragedy strikes. You find out they don’t recycle.

Don’t let this happen to you.

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This year, save the earth and your relationship by making it a sustainable Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to buy, gift and celebrate while keeping the earth in mind and without producing excess waste. It’s all about planning your holiday with intention: make sure you know what goes in the recycling bin, and shop and buy mindfully so that you’re not left with a bunch of trash. This Valentine’s Day, share your love, rejoice in your friendships and celebrate yourself sustainably. And who knows, you might just impress your crush (or yourself) in the process…

It’s easy to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any holiday more responsibly. Follow these simple tips to celebrate the earth as you celebrate love:

  1. Gift experiences over things: Gifts don’t always have to be material objects. Think outside the box and make your sweetie a homemade themed dinner or plan a ski day with an apres on the patio. Put together a luxurious cheese plate or concoct a romantic scavenger hunt. It’s the thought that counts anyway, so make it thoughtful and creative!
  2. Gift something for the planet: Look for creative gifts that actively benefit the planet. There are many opportunities to purchase carbon offsets or plant trees in the name of your honey.
  3. Wrap gifts in reusable items: Skip the trash altogether and wrap your gift in another gift. Use reusable tote bags, mesh produce bags or mason jars in lieu of wrapping paper. Gift a house plant instead of cut flowers for a gift with a longer life that doesn’t need to be thrown out (well, as long as they can keep that plant alive…).
  4. Only trash what you have to: Dazzle your date with your sustainable expertise. Recycle right by knowing what goes in your bin, and reduce the waste that can’t be recycled. If you order take out, ask the restaurant to skip the single-use items like cutlery or condiment packets. Step it up by composting any food scraps you have. By the way, a compost makes a great gift – check out the Vail Honeywagon residential compost drop site program to learn more.

However you celebrate, do so with the environment in mind. Express your love sustainably this Valentine’s Day, and every day!


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