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A Guide To Electric Vehicles (EVs) In Colorado

Posted by Walking Mountains Science Center on Aug 29, 2018 4:18:17 PM
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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Avon ColoradoElectric Vehicles: The Efficient Answer in Eagle County 

In 2014, Eagle County had an estimated 378,615 metric tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere from the transportation sector. Of that, 79% was from passenger cars and SUVs traveling throughout the county. This CO2, a greenhouse gas, is contributing to the global phenomenon of climate change and our local pattern of shorter, warmer winters. It’s tough to get around without a car, but why not have a car with zero tailpipe emissions? Every time you drive you can have a direct impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases and do your part for our earth and our snow pack. This guide will help you understand the different types of electric vehicles as well as the benefits, incentives, and resources available for you.



Electric Vehicle Charging Station Vail ColoradoAn Overview of Electric Vehicles 

Electric Vehicles (EVs) utilize an electric motor powered by energy stored in a large battery. These vehicles employ the newest technology, allowing them to have ranges from 100 miles to over 200 depending on which EV you choose. This is ample range for many drivers, as 93% of people have a round-trip commute of less than 70 miles. The average person has only 30 miles of commuting, leaving plenty of miles to get in after-work errands. Colorado is reducing charging anxiety by implementing an Electric Vehicle Plan with the intention to create a fast-charge corridor along I-70. If you still have a need to travel beyond the limits of current EVs, there are many plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) options that have gasoline engines to extend the range.

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The M.S.R.P. you won’t have to pay with Electric Vehicle Rebates

While the price of EVs are slowly coming down, there are both state and federal incentives for early adopters of the technology. The State of Colorado has secured a $5,000 incentive for the purchase of a full EV or PHEV through 2019, $4,000 through 2020 and $2,500 through 2021. These credits can be assigned to the car dealer or finance company, turning them into a point-of-sale incentive. On the federal level, there is up to $7,500 of tax credits available depending on the qualifying vehicle’s battery size. Information can be found on the IRS website. There are also incentives for the installation of charging stations throughout the state from Colorado Energy Office (EOC) or Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) in the Denver Metro Area. Information for those can be found at cleanairfleets.org under Charge Ahead Colorado.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Eagle County ColoradoBenefits Of An Electric Vehicle 

1) Electric vehicles are less expensive to drive here in Colorado. The cost of driving an EV is 50% less than a traditional fuel vehicle, on average.

2) Electric vehicles are FAST! EVs can utilize the full power of the motor instantly, rather than revving like a gas-powered vehicle. This means that acceleration is quick!

3) Electric vehicles have less emissions and less noise. With no engine revving for power, these vehicles are nearly silent in operation.

4) Electric vehicles have less maintenance. Low maintenance full-electric vehicles have far less moving parts. With no oil, spark plugs, radiators or mufflers, you’ll spend a lot less on Maintenance.

5) Electric vehicles help ensure a more sustainable future. As more electricity is sourced from renewable sources like wind, water and the sun, these vehicles will continue to lower their impact.



Popular Electric Vehicle Models and Potential Rebates

  Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle Guide Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle Guide BMW i3 Electric Vehicle Guide Tesla Model S Electric Vehicle Guide Tesla Model X Electric Vehicle Guide
Model Nissan Leaf Chevy Bolt  BMW i3  Tesla Model S Tesla Model X
Range  150 miles  238 miles 114 miles  210 miles   210 miles 
M.S.R.P. $29,990 $37,495 $45,450  $68,000  $76,500
** Potential Rebates          

For a comprehensive downloadable guide including more makes and models of electric vehicles CLICK HERE

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Eagle County






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