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Sustainability Tips: Reduce Your Waste this Holiday Season

Posted by Nina Waysdorf on Dec 22, 2021 12:00:00 AM


The holidays come with some sustainability challenges. Stanford University reports that, Americans throw away about 25% more trash than usual between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Consider all the single-use wrapping paper, the shipping and packaging, the feasts, the trips back and forth to the store…

…it can really add up. From a sustainability perspective, it can be unsettling to think about the impending mountain of waste at the other end of the season. Despite that, we can still love and embrace the holidays (and gift giving!) by going into the holiday season with a plan to reduce waste and get creative with gift ideas and packaging. If this has been on your mind as well, here are some ideas to get you started:

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Give experiences rather than things. Order take out from your favorite restaurant and share with your friends, cook a comforting meal, gift a gift card to your favorite local business, or make plans for a ski date. Donate to an organization or non-profit in a friend’s name. Especially in this tumultuous year and given current supply chain challenges, take the opportunity to support local businesses and organizations while reducing waste!

Get creative with wrapping and packaging. Wrapping paper is often only used once and then thrown away. Use newspaper instead, which can be recycled after. Save boxes from online purchases and reuse to package gifts. Better yet, wrap gifts in something reusable, like a tote bag or a cloth sack for bulk goods. That’s like an extra bonus gift!

If you’re sending gifts to long-distance friends and family, order from businesses local to where the gift is going. This will not only support small businesses in other communities, but reduce shipping and transportation emissions as well. Gift baskets from a local cheese or wine shop make great gifts!

Think sustainable for the gift itself. Zero waste stores like fill & refill not only have refillable home and body products, but tons of gifts in stock and ready to go as well. And the Actively Green sustainable business network has a gift for everyone in your life. We’re talking restaurants, outdoor gear, hotels (staycation, anyone?) and more! It’s a great way to support our local and sustainable businesses.

Think beyond gifting to reduce waste. Food waste in landfills is a major contributor to methane emissions; methane is a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide. Instead of throwing extra food away, think strategically to reduce food waste from your holiday feasts. Be realistic about how much food you need. Plan ahead by encouraging guests to bring Tupperware to share leftovers. The less glamorous extra parts of holiday meals (think turkey carcasses) can be used for delicious stocks and broths. Some foods like soups, cookies, and breads can be frozen and enjoyed later. If you’ve gotten sick of your leftovers, try repurposing before tossing. The internet is full of great recipe ideas to spark inspiration for holiday leftover transformations.

If you’re hoping to reduce waste this holiday season, start small. There are lots of ways to lessen your impact while still enjoying everything fun and festive about this time of year. It might actually take some holiday stress off your shoulders!

Nina Waysdorf is the Sustainability Programs Manager at Walking Mountains Science Center. Her favorite part of the holiday season is having potlucks with friends.

Topics: Sustainability Tips, Composting, Recycling, Leave No Trace, Zero Waste