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Staying Cool and Sustainable this Summer

Posted by Elizabeth Baer on Jul 14, 2023 10:37:21 AM

The wait is over, after what felt like years of rainy day after rainy day, summer is finally here in full force. The blue skies and warm sun are beautiful for rafting, swimming, biking, and hiking but with it are sweaty days and nights. With rising temperatures due to climate change these heat waves are becoming more and more common. Especially in Eagle and Gypsum, the beautiful weather can quickly become unpleasant and even dangerous when heat waves strike. Luckily there are many sustainable ways to stay safe and cool this summer and for summers to come! 

  1. Heat pumps heat AND cool!  

Many homes in our area don’t have air conditioning. Cooler mountain temperatures have made them a luxury rather than a necessity, but with rising temperatures in our area many people are looking to add air conditioning to their homes to increase comfort and value. This is the perfect opportunity to install a heat pump. Heat pumps are energy efficient and cost effective, especially with the rebates and incentives available through Walking Mountains and Energy Smart Colorado!  Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, which require a separate heating system, a heat pump can provide both heating and cooling, making it a versatile and convenient option for your home.In addition to being highly efficient, heat pumps are also eco-friendly, producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional air conditioning systems. A heat pump can work into every type of heating system you have, meaning that you can upgrade your heating and add cooling with one technology! Check out our rebates or join a heat pump webinar to learn more! 

  1. Keep the sun out during the day and let cool air in at night. 

Whether you don’t have AC or you are looking to lower your energy usage by limiting your AC use, managing your windows with shades and fans can make a huge difference. Especially in Colorado wherethe sun can make a huge difference in the indoor temperatures. Keeping the sunlight out during the summer days and then letting in the cool air at night can help keep you more comfortable without using AC. Consider purchasing dark curtains or shades and a few fans to manage temperatures in your home or apartment using the natural elements! 

  1. Ensure you have a tight building envelope 

While you might usually hear about air sealing and insulation for your home to keep cold air out during the winter it also helps to keep cool air in during the summer! Gaps in your building envelope can mean you are trying to cool the whole neighborhood and not just your home. It also means that hot air can get inside during the heat of the day. Get a home energy assessment from Walking Mountains Science Center to check your building envelope and get rebates on air sealing and insulation. 

Help make your home the happiest and healthiest place it can be in the heat, while not contributing to climate change with these suggestions, and then treat yourself to some ice cream! 

Elizabeth Baer is the Sustainability Fellow at Walking Mountains Science Center 


Topics: Energy Smart, Climate Action Collaborative, Sustainability Tips