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Sustainability Tip: No Slacking While Packing How To Move Green

Posted by Ford Sanger on Sep 10, 2018 10:34:08 AM
Ford Sanger

Eco Friendly Green Packing and Moving TipsHow to Pack & Move Sustainably

Did you know that the average American moves more than 11 times during their life? With all that driving and packing materials, moving can have a significant environmental impact. If you are moving this fall, learn ways to make your move as green as possible (Source: Moving.Com)


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Three Tips for What You Can Do To Move & Pack Green:

1.) Reduce: Before you pack, go through your stuff and sell or donate anything you do not need. Not only can you give items a new life, but it will reduce the amount of stuff you have to pack and move. Likewise, when it is time to furnish your new place, look for used items online and at thrift and consignment shops. 

2. ) Reuse: Instead of buying cardboard boxes, use storage containers you already have like reusable grocery bags, plastic bins, dresser drawers, and suitcases. If you do need cardboard boxes, check with local stores first to see if they have boxes you can use. Grocery and liquor stores often have boxes that they do not mind getting rid of. Similarly, use newspaper to wrap fragile items. Get creative and try to avoid buying any new packing materials and make sure any materials that you do use get properly disposed of at the end of your move.

3.) Research: Hire a green moving company. There are many companies who specialize in environmentally conscious moving and even most big moving companies have green moving options if you ask. Whether it is a moving company or alternative packing methods, always research sustainable ways to accomplish your green moving goals. 


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