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Sustainability Tips: Colorado Rain Barrels

Posted by Kimberly Schlaepfer on Apr 29, 2019 5:09:44 PM
Kimberly Schlaepfer

Colorado Rain Barrels for outdoor watering and sustainabilityStart Your Rainwater Collection! 

Did you know that before 2016, it was illegal to capture and use rainwater in the State of Colorado? After House Bill 16-1005 was introduced and passed, it became legal to use rainwater for outdoor plants, gardens, and lawns. This year is as good as any to get started on your own rainwater collection! Though we may have received more precipitation this year than the last, it is still as important as ever to conserve water where we can to preserve our local environment. What better way than to use the water nature is already giving us? Read on for three tips to get started on your rain barrel collection system and how else you can conserve your outdoor water use this summer!

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What You Can Do

  • Get a rain barrel! You are able to use one as long as you live in a single family household or a multi-family household with 4 or fewer units. Each house can have 2 rain barrels, and the capacity of the combined barrels must be 110 gallons or less.

  • Use your collected water only for outdoor use: watering outdoor plants, gardens, and lawns.

  • Ensure you have a barrel with a sealed lid. This helps prevent mosquitoes from entering the water and keeping it free of contaminants. Place your rain barrel under the gutter or roof where water runs off the building, and attach a screen or a first-flush device to keep that water clean!

 Source: CSU Extension

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