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The Science Behind Neurology

Posted by Walking Mountains Science Center on Oct 11, 2016 3:00:41 AM
Walking Mountains Science Center

The Science Behind Neurology

Have you ever wondered how something works or how something was made? In the monthly Science Behind series, we partner with a guest presenter to explore a large variety of interesting topics. The Science Behind series offers opportunities for adults to apply new knowledge and skills to everyday life, while having fun! 

** This Science Behind event took place in October, 2016 **


The Science Behind Neurology 

Join Walking Mountains Science Center with special guest Dr. Ted Wadley on Wednesday, October 12 at 6:30pm for a highly interactive presentation to enrich your understanding of your own body & mind. You'll be inspired to pass on what you know to the next generation of Homo Sapiens, with a special emphasis on the education and empowerment of girls and women.

Every keystone skill in sports consists of the flexion, extension, or rotation of joints which are moved by muscles that are stimulated by nerves. Whether it’s leaning into the fall line to gain speed on a mountain, flipping in the air to a landing you can’t see, or risking embarrassment in front of friends or enemies, how we move is intimately linked to how we feel. The reverse is also true. Every coach, parent, or athlete should be a neurologist in that sense. Take to heart only the lessons anxiety can teach about performance and failure and to move on to the kind of confidence only progressive improvement and successful stress management can accomplish.


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Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, throwing and catching, or hitting and kicking, there are keystone combinations of psychological and physical networks that form the alphabet of every story of movement. Although we experience our actions and emotions as instantaneous, the truth is that the electrical impulses and chemical reactions travel at certain speeds. The mechanical forces that make up our movements occur as the result of muscle contractions that are either fast or slow in response to conscious or unconscious impulses. These impulses must be coordinated exactly right to orchestrate the kind of movement symphonies we all wish to create.

Dr. Wadley graduated from the National Institute of Health Sciences in 1986 and maintained an active neuro-musculoskeletal practice in Denver for 23 years. Since retiring from clinical practice, he has been teaching skiing/snowboarding, tennis and gymnastic. He also consults with non-profit and corporate businesses to develop training/education programs centered around three keystone concepts he considers to be the primary motivators for self- improvement and social progress: Emotional Fulfillment, Physical exhilaration, and Psychological empowerment.

The Science Behind Series is made possible by Vail Honeywagon Enterprises, Inc.

When: Wednesday, October 12th 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: Walking Mountains Science Center
Cost: FREE, $5 suggested donation. 

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