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Nestled along Gore Creek near the Betty Ford Alpine Garden and Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail Village.
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Top 10 Reasons to Sign up for Summer Science Camp (In no particular order)

Posted by Walking Mountains Science Center on Feb 28, 2018 11:30:39 AM
Walking Mountains Science Center

Top Vail Summer Camps Walking MountainsTop 10 Reasons to Go To Summer Camp in Vail

Walking Mountains Science Center is thrilled to once again offer their summer camps for students entering grades K-8. Summer science camps allow children to experience the wild places of the Eagle Valley while nurturing their connection to the natural world through daily exploration of local trails. Campers investigate principles of ecology and develop an understanding of scientific concepts through fun, adventure, experiments, and exploration. Sessions are age-appropriate and taught by qualified natural science educators that make learning safe and fun.

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Still not convinced? Check out the top 10 reasons to sign up:

  1. Fun! Summer Science Camp is a ton of fun. Everyday is a mix of adventure, learning, crafts, games and more. While safety and learning are a focus of all of our programs, we work hard to ensure that fun is at the heart of each day.
  2. Learning! Our programs are based on unique science curriculum created for each program. Each week we focus on a different theme including topics like geology, ecology, astronomy, biology, entomology, and more.  Teaching is done in hands-on ways using the natural environment whenever possible.
  3. Safety! Keeping your camper safe is our biggest priority. Our newest staff undergo over two weeks of training prior to the start of camp with a large focus on risk management. Each camp group is lead by someone with a Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid certification.
  4. Build confidence! Camp is a great place for campers to step out of their comfort zone in a safe space. Whether they complete a challenging hike or go away from home for the first time, there are always new opportunities for campers to shine!
  5. Get to know your own backyard! Living in the mountains is pretty magical. We are surrounded by fantastic geology, diverse wildlife, alpine lakes and streams, and a variety of plants. Getting to know our local ecosystem is a part of every week of Summer Science Camp.
  6. Make new friends! Camp is an awesome opportunity to make new friends. Our instructors lead campers in games and team building activities to help campers work together and get to know each other.  Campers are encouraged to work with new people each day and leave with new friends at the end of the week!
  7. Watermelon picnic! One of the great traditions of Summer Science Camp is the watermelon picnic. We end each week-long day camp and overnight camp with an engaging parent presentation. Every group of campers puts together a fun song, skit, or presentation to show off all that they learned and the fun they had during the week. It is a great opportunity to meet fellow camp families and see what other programs have been up to.
  8. New skills! Camp is a great place to new learn skills. With each different program, there are opportunities to learn new skills. From learning to use a dichotomous key to identify plants to following a compass, there is so much to learn.
  9. Time outdoors! One of the best parts of Walking Mountains Summer Science Camp is the time spent outdoors! Everyday participants  travel to different field sites across the Eagle River Valley to engage in hands-on science learning. Rain or shine, we are out exploring! Campers come home with dirty knees and huge smiles!
  10. Incredible staff! Our awesome instructors make Summer Science Camp great! The majority of our summer staff are part of the Foley Graduate Fellowship. While working at Walking Mountains, graduate fellows are taking classes through the University of Northern Colorado to earn a Master’s in Science Education. Our staff come with a variety of backgrounds and from across the country to teach here at Walking Mountains. We truly have the best instructors around!


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