Located near Centura Health in Avon right off of I-70. An innovative natural science learning campus for residents and visitors of the Eagle Valley. Free and open to the public.

318 Walking Mountains Lane, Avon, CO 81620

Located at the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola on Vail Mountain out of Lionshead Village, Vail. All visitors must have a pass to ride the gondola. Free and open to the public with valid gondola pass.
Nestled along Gore Creek near the Betty Ford Alpine Garden and Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail Village.
601 Vail Valley Drive, Vail, CO 81657


Stories from our Zero-Waste Heros

Posted by Emily Dennis on Jan 11, 2024 10:43:40 AM

If you’ve attended an event in Eagle County, you probably caught a glimpse of the Walking Mountains’ zero waste team in action. Made up of hardworking contract staff and volunteer members from our local community, this crew provided zero waste services at over 40 different events in 2023, diverting over 56,000 pounds of waste from the landfill! 

Sorting through event waste is no easy task and is definitely not the most glamorous job, but our team is made up of some very passionate people who strive to make our community a better place. This month we want to share some of their advice and experiences to inspire your own sustainable action! 

  • What’s your favorite zero waste event to work? Why? 

“I enjoy working at smaller events, like Triple Bypass, and others in Avon because there is a mix of people who have been coming to those events for years and already know about waste diversion, and those who are newer to the concept are still appreciative. From groups of little kids racing after Easter eggs, to dealing with hundreds of hungry cyclists, there seems to be a collective understanding that they can all make a positive impact while having a great time!” - Scott (started in 2019) 

  • How has working zero waste events changed your perspective on sustainability?

“Working zero waste events has shown me that there are a lot of people who really care about where their waste goes, but also that a lot of people don't know the specifics of waste in our county vs. other areas in Colorado. For example, the waste stream is very different in the mountains than the Front Range.” - Erin (started in 2021)

  • How do you educate event-goers about zero waste initiatives?

 “The best way to support powerful education is by building relationships. Our Walking Mountains staff builds amazing relationships with the community, vendors, and event organizers. Through this trust we are able to share information that empowers people to be agents of change.” - Elizabeth (started in 2022)

  • What’s the best memory you have from a zero waste event? 

“My best memory is one where the scenery was amazing! During one AvonLIVE!, it was raining and the sun was going down so the sky was bright orange like i've never seen before and it was reflecting over Nottingham Lake.” - Mady (started in 2021)

  • Why do you think this work is important to our local community?

“This work is important to our community because we live in a unique place. We have beautiful land in the Vail Valley and reaching out to people where they are most likely to pay attention to us and our environment is a good way to help ensure our Valley stays as beautiful as it already is.” - Lukas (started in 2022)

We hope that this advice inspires you to take sustainable action, big or small, and connect with your community to make it better! If you are interested in becoming a zero-waste hero contact Emily Dennis, Zero Waste Lead, at emilyd@walkingmountains.org or you can fill out the zero waste staff interest form here. You can also be a zero-waste hero at home by using the Waste Wizard App to always know where to throw! 

Topics: Sustainability Tips, Zero Waste