Located near Centura Health in Avon right off of I-70. An innovative natural science learning campus for residents and visitors of the Eagle Valley. Free and open to the public.

318 Walking Mountains Lane, Avon, CO 81620

Located at the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola on Vail Mountain out of Lionshead Village, Vail. All visitors must have a pass to ride the gondola. Free and open to the public with valid gondola pass.
Nestled along Gore Creek near the Betty Ford Alpine Garden and Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail Village.
601 Vail Valley Drive, Vail, CO 81657

Curious Nature

Fleece Clothing & Micro-plastic Pollution

What Happens to Plant Under the Snow?

The Joy and Heartbreak of Colorado’s Current Snowpack

Why do you see so many aspen trees in Colorado?

Fermentation in the Forest

Is Climate Change Creating a Real Life Yeti?

Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids

The Nuchu Before Us

The Artificial Versus Real Tree Debate

How can we mitigate food waste over the Thanksgiving season?

Shifting Winters and Climate Change

World Kindness Day: How You Can Be Kind to the Earth and Future Generations?

National Cat Week - Meooooow

Are Black Cats Bad Luck? Maybe Not for You...

Eyeshine color and animals - Who is looking at you?

The Northern Saw-whet Owl: North America’s Smallest Owl

What is a "Murder" of Crows?

How to Identify Your Sense of Place

Fall Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

Why do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

Enjoying the Outdoors Sustainably

Why do Vultures Self Defense Vomit?

Migration of the Three Swallow Species in Colorado

Where to Find and Eat the Best Wild Berries

Foraging in Colorado: A Beginner's Guide

Preparing Your Garden for Winter and Protecting it From Frost

What is a threatened or endangered species? Extinct or extirpated?

How Do Bats See with Sound?

Do you Know These Unusual Animal Group Names?

The Colorful Life of Colorado’s Butterflies

Should You Hike with Your Dog Off Leash?

What are the Benefits of Vetch?

Explore the Outdoors with Kids: A Nature Scavenger Hunt

Did you know Colorado’s State Fossil is the Stegosaurus?

Why are Cavity-Nesting Birds Facing a Housing Crisis?

Mountain Goats Like Your Pee

Cliff Hangers: How do animals live on cliffs?

Why are Trails Closed in May?

The Practice and Utility of Phenology

Spring Scavenger Hunts to Awaken Your Senses!

Pure as the Driven Snow

Earth Day to Earth YAY!

The Science Behind Cuteness

The Age of De-Extinction!

Go Get Some Fresh Air!

Cutthroat Trout

Snake Hibernacula

One Tough Little Feline!

Catch me outside, how about that?

Layers & Lairs!

Surfing Powder and Atmospheric Rivers

Look UP! - Winter Constellations

Love is Strange: Unique Animal Mating Rituals

The Conifer’s Secret to Winter Survival

What’s the temperature?

Colorado Quarries

Calendar Chaos

Ski Wax & Sustainability - With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Fishing for Meteors in the Backcountry

Christmas Murder, Mayhem, and Bird Counts

Gratitude, Food, and Indigenous Genius

Nature is a Mathematician!

How the Potato Took Root in Eagle County

Rocks Tell Tales As Old As Time

A Tale of Two Ranges: The Sequel

Science Fiction & Technology

Largest Organisms: Aspen vs. Fungi?

What the Heck is That? The Unique Geology of Tenmile Canyon

Bumble Bees are not Bumbling Around Evolution

On Fire, Destruction, and Renewal

Science Behind the Beautiful Colors of Fall

The Family Tree

Coastal Birds in the Rocky Mountains, like the Black Crown Night Heron

The Venomous Spiders in Our Backyard

Superheroes, Super Senses and Real Life Super Powers in Our Skies: Raptors

Your Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

Ursa Major: Same Constellation, Many Legends

A Tale of Two Ranges (Sort of)

Camping with Kids 101

They’re Pretty, Why Worry?

What is Wilderness?

Eagle County Snakes

Pika & Climate

What Makes Warblers So Cool Anyway?

The Rascally Raccoon - Live Fast, Eat Trash

Pasque Flowers are Back for Spring!

The Willow Trees: Nature’s Original Superfood

Amazing Alders: One of Eagle County’s lesser-known trees

Top Dogs of Colorado

Reintroduction of the Lynx in Colorado 20 Years Later

Spring thaw for the Colorado River

Arbor Day: Plant Responsibly

Right-Sided Sidehill Wampahoofus Spotted in Eagle Valley

Driving into the Past: The Geologic Formations at Wilmore Lake

Where Are Our Insects in Winter?

The Top of Colorado's Aquatic Food Chain is the River Otter!

Ode to a Bristlecone Pine

History of Lionshead Rock in Minturn, Colorado

Mystery and History of the Gray Wolf in Colorado

Winter Stargazing

Subnivean Zone: Life Under the Snow

Ogres & Avalanches: State of Our Snowpack

Seasonal Trail Closures

Dogs in Winter

America Recycles Day!

Creatures of the Night

Have you Smelled It? Fall is in the Air!

Romance in the Rut: Moose Mating Season is Finally Here!

Exploring Our Curious Nature in 2020

Where do leaves go after they fall from the trees?

Labor Day: A Fall Feeding Frenzy

Behold! Bountiful Edible Berries in Colorado

Stewards of the "Community"

It’s Almost Time to Harvest Pine Nuts

Colorado Day 2020: Our State Boundaries

Leave No Trace

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Bee-holder: Why are Flowers so Pretty?

Colorado’s Rarest Treasures: Wild Orchids

Freedom and Wilderness

Mythbusters: Bat Edition

What the Summer Solstice Means for Us

Mysterious Creatures of the Dark

What Makes Warblers So Cool Anyway?

Dandelions, Leave Them Be

Gardening at High Altitude in Colorado

A Mother’s Day Tribute to Our Wild Moms

Good Morning Hibernators

Happy Earth Day!

A Healthy Snowpack is a Happy Valley

Why is that Egg Blue?

Virology 101: A Layperson’s Guide to Viruses

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Biggest Fool of Them All?

Where Do Fish Go When Their Home Freezes Over?

Snowshoes or No Shoes

Avalanches Affecting the Area

Will Winter Continue this Groundhog Day?

The Original Coloradans: The Southern Ute Tribe

Animal Tracks Tell A Story

More Than the Minturn Mile: Minturn's History

Amidst the Darkness a Celebration of Light

Fascinating Facets of Eagle County Snow Country

The Wright Brothers Had Birds on the Brain

Moose on the Move

Solar Panels - Are they beneficial in Colorado's Long Winters?

Winter Surprise

To Change or Not To Change? The Case For Daylight Saving Time

Winter Preparations: Vignettes of a Changing Season

Colorado Cats – Meet the Bobcat, Lynx, and Mountain Lion

National Child Health Day

It’s Fall, Y’all: Unbe-leaf-able Beauty and the Science Behind it!

An Ode to Sedimentary Rock

Decomposition is Just the Start

The Many Different Habitats Offered in Eagle County

Wile E. Coyote

Tribute to Seniors

To 14er or Not to 14er

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Be Bear Aware

If You Grow It

Camping with Kids

Fireworks of a Different Kind

Celebrate National Hydration Day

Fathers in the Wild


When Principles Matter

Butterflies: Behind the Beauty

Wild Motherhood

Colorful Eggs – But not for Easter!

Arbor Day

Climate and Citizen Scientists

The Clever Common Crow

April Fools! Not Quite Spring

Be Bear Aware

New and Improved Symbol of St. Patrick’s Day: Cabbage

Breathe Deep

Bristlecone pine trees, resilient to all but climate change

Be Kind to Wildlife!

The Missing Lynx

Fun with Foxes on Valentine’s Day

Beavers: Nature’s Stream Restoration Specialists

Living on the Edge: Colorado’s Bighorn Sheep

Civil Rights Remind Us that Cooperation Means Survival

Light & Shadow: Sun Dogs

The New Year Discrepancy

20 Great Adventures: Nature Books

How to Watch the Geminid Meteor Shower

Nature Among Us

How Animals Prepare for Winter

What Do Animals Do With Their Leftovers?

The Misunderstood Animals of Halloween Horror Stories

Art and Music Inspired by Nature

The Ant Whisperer

Solving Snakes: Nature's Misunderstood Wonders

We Owe It All to Plants

Warmer winters help invasive pine beetles

Martha, the Last of the Passenger Pigeons

100 years of protecting birds, but has it been enough?

Colorado State Parks to Visit (that aren't Sylvan Lake)

Animals with Strange Names

Walking Mountains Blogs

Students to Stewards - Walking Mountains News, Hikes of the Week and events

Curious Nature - Learn about our wonderful environment

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Sustainability - Stay up to date with sustainability practices and new initiatives

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